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    A Diamond Rock Rentals collection of 2x1 and 3x2 apartment homes located in Spokane Valley on the intersection of Broadway Ave. and Conklin Rd.

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    Tori's Place- Townhomes & Rowhouses

    A collection of three bedroom homes ranging from 1,440 to 1,587 square feet. Features include: modern grey interior colors, two story living rooms, and paved walking trails all surrounded by scenic wooded hills.

    Floor Plans

    Cottages on the Green

    Now Leasing! BRAND NEW 2 & 3 bedroom single family rental homes at Cottages on the Green in Spokane Valley. Please see floor plans: Ambrosia, McIntosh, Cortland, Braeburn, Empire, Liberty

    Floor Plans

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    In order to assist you with your decision on your new home, we are providing this list of the requirements we use to qualify applicants for residency in this community. Nothing contained in these requirements shall constitute a representation that all residents and occupants currently residing in our community have met or currently meet these guidelines. The types of information to be accessed: Identification, credit, public records, rental history, residency address information, employment and income verification. Additional verification may be required. Each person age 18 or older who will live in the apartment home must submit an application and satisfy these requirements. The criteria which may result in a denial (includes but is not limited to): Zero income or income lower than (3) times the rental rate, unsatisfactory credit or rental history findings, exceeding the maximum number of occupants per apartment, restricted pets, inability to meet conditional requirements of application results, providing misleading or inaccurate information, and adverse, subpar, or unverified information. Subject to applicable laws, our requirements include, but are not limited to, the following criteria:

    IDENTIFICATION. Applicants must present a valid government-issued photo identification card for each person age 18 or older.

    INCOME. Applicants must collectively have verifiable income in an amount not less than 3 times the rental rate.

    CREDIT HISTORY. We obtain a credit report on each applicant. Our credit-reporting agency evaluates credit (which may include rent payment history) as an indicator of future rent payment performance. An unsatisfactory or insufficient finding will result in the requirement of an additional deposit, guarantor, or denial. Applicants are responsible for ensuring their credit history is accurate.

    COMPREHENSIVE REUSABLE TENANT SCREENING REPORTS. This community does not accept comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports. Upon submission of the completed rental application and Resident Qualification Acknowledgment, a credit evaluation will be conducted using one of the consumer reporting agencies provided on this document.

    GUARANTORS. If a guarantor is needed, he/she must meet the entire qualifying criteria as presented above. All guarantors must have a verifiable source of income in an amount not less than 5 times the rental rate.

    ADULT DEPENDENT. If there is a person age 18 or older who will reside in the apartment home but who will not be executing the lease documents, that person will need to qualify as an “Adult Dependent.” In order to qualify someone as an Adult Dependent, you must execute the Adult Dependent Certification, and the proposed Adult Dependent must be approved through our regular criminal background check process. The leaseholder(s) will be responsible for ensuring that the Adult Dependent complies with all community rules and requirements in the lease documents, but the Adult Dependent will not be financially obligated to pay rent or other amounts due under the lease documents.

    CRIMINAL HISTORY. We obtain a criminal background check on each applicant, limited to sex offender registry information only. Consideration will be given to the following factors relating to the conviction(s) that requires registry on a local, state, or national sex offender registry: The nature and severity of the conviction; The number and types of convictions; The time that has elapsed since the date of conviction; Age of the individual at the time of convictions; Evidence of good tenant history before and/or after the conviction occurred; and any supplemental information related to the individual’s rehabilitation, good conduct, and additional facts or explanations provided by the individual.                                                                                                                     


     OCCUPANCY. The following occupancy standards apply based on two persons per bedroom, plus one per apartment home: 


    One Bedroom


    Three Persons


     One Bedroom with Den


    Three Persons


    Two Bedroom


    Five Persons


    Three Bedroom


    Seven Persons


    Four Bedroom


    Nine Persons



    PETS. The following breeds are restricted from this community. two person restrictions may apply at this community. If you have pets, please see your leasing representative for more information.These restrictions and deposit requirements do not apply to qualified assistance animals.                                                                                                                                            

    Pit Bull Terriers/

    Staffordshire Terriers



    Doberman Pinschers




    Presa Canarios




    Alaskan Malamutes




    RENTER’S INSURANCE REQUIREMENT. You may be required to carry a minimum of $100,000 Personal Liability Insurance coverage. To satisfy this requirement, you must provide evidence of insurance coverage at initial lease signing and maintain this coverage throughout the entire term of your residency. In addition, we may require that you add our community as an “Interested Party,” “Party of Interest,” or similar language. Your lease will have additional details about the insurance requirements.

    FAIR HOUSING STATEMENT. Greystar is committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws. Greystar will not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability, or any other specific classes protected by applicable laws. Greystar will allow any reasonable accommodation or reasonable modification based upon a disability-related need. The person requesting any reasonable modification may be responsible for the related expense.

    DATA AND COMMUNICATION. You understand and accept that we may collect, retain, use, transfer, and disclose personal information, such as the first name, last name, email address, and phone number of you or your occupants in the unit. We may collect, retain, and use that information, or disclose that information to third parties to, among other things, (a) operate the Property; (b) provide services consistent with the Lease; (c) refer you to third parties that provide products or services that may be of interest to you or your occupants in the unit; (d) collect debts; and (e) conduct and analyze resident surveys. Please review the privacy policy of the owner’s authorized agent at the time of residence for a discussion of the treatment of information during your lease. The current policy may be viewed at

    By providing an email address or cell phone number, you consent to receive communications regarding marketing materials, promotional offers, and your application status via e-mail, voicemail, calls, text, and/or any other means. You acknowledge and agree that this authorization is made voluntarily.

    The permissions and consents granted herein apply to the owner of the community and the owner’s authorized agents/representatives, including its property manager, and will continue even after your lease expires, the owner of the community sells the community, or the property manager no longer manages the community.

    RENTAL RATES AND LEASE TERMS. Original rental rate quotes will be honored for 2 business days. The rental rate quote is associated with the apartment's availability at the time of your quote, move-in date, and lease term requested. Any changes to the time of the quote, your move-in date, or lease term may require a revised rental rate quote which may result in a different monthly rental rate.

    FALSIFICATION OF APPLICATION: Any false statements or false information included in an application may result in denial of the application.

    APPLICANT APPROVAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Applicant acknowledges and agrees that the criteria referenced above will be considered in the qualification process. Applicants who do not meet the requirements referenced above will be declined or be subject to additional requirements, including, but not limited to, additional fees, deposits, rent or providing a guarantor.

    CONSUMER REPORTING AGENCIES (Contact Management to indicate applicable agency used below.)



    PO Box 2002 Allen, TX 75013

    (888) 397-3742


    PO Box 105873 Atlanta, Georgia 30348

    (800) 685-1111

    First Advantage

    PO Box 105108 Atlanta, GA 30348

    (888) 517-8324


    307 Orchard City Dr, Suite 110 Campbell, CA 95008

    (866) 266-7483

    RealPage, Inc.

    4000 International Parkway Carrollton, TX 75007

    (866) 934-1124

    Resident Verify, LLC

    2912 Executive Parkway, Suite 200 Lehi, UT 84043

    (866) 698-0661

    RentGrow, Inc.

    177 Huntington Ave, Suite 1703 #74213 Boston, MA 02155

    (800) 898-1351